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Lviv Ukraine

Lviv City

Lviv City

Lviv (Lvov) is one of the most beautiful cities in Western Ukraine. First mentioned in 1256, it became a home town for Italians and Germans in the 14th Century. They arrived there as skilled architects and builders, and tried to find jobs that would enable them to make a good living. Then, during the years when Austria controlled this land, famous architects came here to design buildings, which, today, are the main attractions in the downtown Lvov. There are more than 2000 buildings of major architectural achievement in Lvov, including numerous churches and cathedrals.

Lvov is a town of museums. Many extremely rare items are exhibited there. The pride of the National Museum is a collection of icons going back to the 12th Century. Another extremely rare item is an ancient flute, 40,000 years old, made from the horn of a prehistoric deer. In the Museum of Pharmacy, you can see the oil lamp, invented in Lvov in 1853, which was the very first one in Europe. There is a beautiful wooden church in the Museum of Wooden Architecture, which is a real masterpiece of village carpenters in Lvov. The Museum of Cold Steel Arms and the Museum of the History of Religion are located close to each other and have many visitors, daily. If you are fond of arts and crafts, the National Museum, the Lvov Picture Gallery, and the Museum of Ukrainian Art tell the entire history of the artists and craftsmen in Europe and Ukraine.

Cristmas tour

Cristmas tour

Every season is beautiful in Lvov. Winter is Christmastime; and it is possible to see both the Catholic and Orthodox celebrations of these holidays. The nativity scenes are usual Christmas displays in the churches; and nativity plays are common, even in the streets, at Christmastime.

We are happy to invite you to Lviv, to this hospitable and amicable city, to the atmosphere of comfort,
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