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Lviv Excursion:

It would be hard to find a region in Ukraine that could compete with the Lviv region when it comes to the number and variety of places of interest: the Carpathian Mountains, Little Polissia, world-class balneo therapy spa resorts, dozens of ancient castles, unique cities and towns and, of course, Lviv itself - the true heart of the region.

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3-5h Lviv Sightseeing Tours

3hour Lviv City Tour covering all major sights, Panorama of the town from High Castle hill, St.George Cathedral, National University, Lviv opera house, Svobody Ave., Lychakiv cemetery
+ combine the general Lviv city tour with one of our special 2-3h excursions:

Medieval town sights: UNESCO world heritage, including Rynok Square, Pharmacy Museum, Italian courtyard, cathedrals, Jewish quarter

Prince's town sights: High Castle Hill, st. Paraskeva Church, Basilian monastery, st. John The Baptist church, Old Market Square

Jewish heritage of Lviv: Holocaust memorials, places related with outstanding Jews, Jewish hospital, synagogue, medieval Jewish quarter

Polish heritage of Lviv: Lviv Art Gallery, Rynok square, Ossolineum, Politechnika, National University, Lychakiv cemetery

Ukrainian heritage of Lviv: architect Ivan Levynsky, Medieval Ukrainian quarter, Lysenka st., National Museum

Austrian heritage of Lviv: Svobody Ave., George hotel, Opera, Town's casino, Parliament of Galicia, train station, electric tram station

Armenian heritage of Lviv: medieval Armenian quarter, Armenian cathedral, Armenian coffee bar, Armenian bank, Armenian street

Special for coffee lovers - Lviv coffee bars tour: history of coffee drink, history of coffee bars and coffee tradition in Lviv

Arts and crafts of Lviv: Workshop of pysanka (Easter Egg) dying

Lviv Region Tours

Golden Horseshoe Castles Tour - the most famous points of interest in the Lviv region.
Visiting 3 old Ukrainian cities forming the horseshoe. On its southern edge lies the town of Zolochiv with 17th-century Sobieski Castle that replaced the town’s former wooden fortress. On the northern edge lies the Olesko Castle - one of Ukraine’s most picturesque castles. The castle grounds house the Lviv Art Gallery. And to the east we find the 17th-century Pidhirtsi Castle, known as the Ukrainian Versailles for its beauty, nestles among the hills of the Voroniaky Uplands.

Zhovkva and Krehiv monastery Tour - Zhovkva is the only remain of Ukrainian example of Renaissance “ideal” city-citadel, the real pearl of national architecture heritage. Located just 12 km from Zhovkva a small village of Krehiv will amaze you by its wooden church with an interesting iconostasis and a wooden bell tower. 2 km to the south-east from the village there is the Vasylian Monastery first founded in 1618 near a mountain with a cave and later moved to its present location. After extensive works of renovation the monastery now shines again and radiates its splendour.

Jewish heritage of Galicia - Exploring the remaining Jewish sites of Galicia, going back to the times when 30.2% of the Western Ukraine population were Jews. At that time the area of present day West Ukraine was considered one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe.

Western Ukraine Tours

Day Tour to Zbarazh, Vyshnewets, Kremyanets and Pochaivska Lavra
2 day Tour to Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomiya, Chernivci, Khotyn, Kamyanets Podolskyy and Ternopil
2 day Tour to Mukachevo, Uzhgorod, Rakhiv, Jaremcha
Contact us for details to arrange a special day tour around the Western Ukraine for you!


Birdwatching in Western Ukraine
Sightseeing around the Carpathian mountains

Genealogical Research

Search for relatives in Galicia
Research in the local archives
Search of graves, cemeteries, houses etc. in Galicia


Lviv Yoga classes
Lviv Classes of Easter eggs (pysanka) dyeing
Lviv Classes of batiks dyeing
Lviv Classes of Ukrainian cooking

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